The Community Welfare Office of the Embassy provides following services to Pakistani Community, working/living in Kabul (Afghanistan): –

Services for Pakistani spouses who got marry with Afghan nationals: –

The Embassy facilitate Pakistani spouses and their Afghan families regarding their visa issues. Following documents are required for granting visa as per prevailing visa policy: –

  1. Pakistani Spouse Passport & CNIC Copies
  2. Nikah Nama dully attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan
  3. Children Form “B” issued by the NADRA or Tazkira copies of Afghan Spouse

Registration of New Born Baby

Pakistan Embassy in Kabul facilitates all Pakistanis for Registration of their new born babies in Afghanistan (Kabul). Required documents for new born babies’ registration are as under: – 

  1. Hospital’s birth registration Certificate
  2. Mother & Father’s Passports, CNIC & Tazkira copies
  3. Valid Afghan visa copy
  4. Personally visit the Embassy during working hours and contact to Community Welfare Section

Citizenship/Nationality Confirmation Services for issuance of ETD: –

Those Pakistanis who are working/living in Afghanistan, avail this service if they lost their Pakistani Passport during their stay in Kabul (Afghanistan) or they entered Afghanistan only on their CNIC. According to Ministry of Interior’s instructions, the Embassy send their cases to Ministry of Interior/NADRA for confirmation of national status. After confirmation of the national status, the Embassy will issue one-page Emergency Travel Document (ETD), for their travelling back to Pakistan.  Following documents are required to avail this facility.

  1. Written application with full details
  2.  Three Passport size colored photographs with white background
  3. Copy of Lost Passport
  4. Copy of CNIC
  5. Permanent Residential Address in Pakistan
  6. In the presence of Form “B” (Mother & Father’s CNIC Copies)
  7. Contact numbers in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Khuli Kachehris.

In pursuance of the instructions of Prime Minister’s Office, the Embassy conducts monthly Khuli Kachehris to listen the problems of Pakistani Community and redress them timely. All Community members living/working in Kabul are requested to share their problems through Embassy WhatsApp number or website. A group of Community members may visit Embassy for physical participation in Khuli Kachehri on any convenient date during working hours for redressal of their problems with following documents:

  1. Valid Passport and visa
  2. Computerized National Identity Card
  3. Contact details
  4. Address of employer if any
  5. Residential Address in Afghanistan
  6. Purpose of living in Afghanistan

Extension of Pakistani Passport: –

The community office of the Embassy facilitates those Pakistanis who have original Pakistani Passport but expired due to some reasons and want to go back to Pakistan. The case, after approval by the competent authority has been submitted to the consular section for onward extension of the Passport. Following documents are required for extension of the Passport:

  1. Written Application along with expired passport
  2. Original valid Computerized National Identity Card & Photo Copy
  3. Fee for Passport extension is US$ 10(Ten dollar)
  4. A copy of Passport and Afghan visa

Pakistani Prisoners: –

Upon receiving information about detention of any Pakistani from Afghan Government, the Embassy immediately approaches to the relevant Afghan authorities for Consular access to confirm wellbeing of our prisoners and the charges levelled against them. The Embassy provides legal assistance to defend their cases in the Afghan courts for their early release. The Pakistani prisoners themselves or their relatives/friends may approach through WhatsApp number or email to the Embassy for assistance and provide following information to the Embassy: –

  1. Name of Prisoner with his/her contact details/Address in Pakistan
  2. Copy of Prisoner Passport/CNIC/Form “B” issued by NADRA
  3. Name and Address of Afghan jail/detention center with contact details if any
  4. Date of his/her arrest and allegations/charges levelled against him
  5. WhatsApp No: 0093-788138711
  6. Email Address:

Verification of Educational/Medical documents.

Following documents are required to process each case for verification: –

  1. Legible copies of Certificate/degrees
  2. Copy of his/her passport/CNIC
  3. Complete address of Afghan University/Medical college where he/she completed the studies and got degree
  4. His/her address and contact details in Pakistan

Attestation of other documents.

If any Pakistani living/working in Afghanistan needs to get attestation of document, the Embassy provide placed below services for the Pakistani Community. Following procedure is required: –

  1. Marriage contract/ any documents verified/attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad or its Camp Offices in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar & Quetta
  2. Health related documents dully attested by the Ministry of Health and Ministry Foreign Affairs, Islamabad or its Camp Offices
  3. Educational documents dully verified by Higher Education Commission and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad or its Camp Offices
  4. Police Character Certificate dully attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad or its Camp Offices
  5. Non Marriage Certificate dull verified by the concerned Union Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad or its Camp Offices
  6. Birth Certificate/Form “B” issued by NADRA dully attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad or its Camp Offices
  7. The applicant may personally visit the Embassy along with original documents during working hours (for attestation, timing is 09.00 am to 12.00 Noon)

Registration Form for Pakistani Citizens: –

Pakistani Community living/working in Afghanistan are advised to get registered themselves online with Pakistan Embassy Kabul. They are advised to submit the following documents

 Click here for online Registration with the Embassy



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