Commercial Section of this Embassy is entrusted to increase the foreign exchange earnings of Pakistan through promoting and facilitating the expansion of Pakistan’s visible and invisible exports to Afghanistan.

Counsellor (Trade & Investment) principal responsibilities are therefore:

  1. To enhance Pakistan’s reputation as a reliable trading partner.
  2. To develop favorable commercial relations between trading
    enterprises in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  3. To ensure that relevant Governmental bodies, commercial organizations and the Pakistani export community have up to date knowledge of trading conditions and export prospects and opportunities in Afghanistan.

Trade Officer will not only contribute to economic and trade related objectives, but also assist in strengthening of Pakistan’s general bilateral relations with Afghanistan.

Overview of bilateral trade between Afghanistan & Pakistan

Trade in Goods

  • Pakistan is the largest trade (exports +imports) partner of Afghanistan
  • Pakistan is the largest export destination of Afghanistan
  • Pakistan is the 3rd largest import partner of Afghanistan
  • Torkham, Chaman, Ghulam Khan, Kharlachy, Badini and Angor Ada serve as major border crossing points for Pak-Afghan bilateral trade

(Value in Million US$)


Source: FBR

Major Exports in 2020-21

Rice, Cement, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Medicine, Petroleum products, Sugar Confectionaries, Animal & Vegetable fats & oil, Meat, Electronics goods, fiberboard wood, Plastic articles

Major Imports in 2020-21

Cotton, Fresh fruits & vegetables, dry fruits, Coal & briquettes, Carpets and Iron

Trade in Services

(US$ Mln)


Source: SBP

Major Export services in 2019-20

Business services, telecommunication services and government services

Major import Services in 2019-20

Government Goods and services, Transport services, Telecommunication Services and business services.

Pakistan Afghanistan Transit Trade

  • Pakistan is the single largest transit trade and connectivity partner of Afghanistan
  • Afghan border crossing points at Hairathan, Sher Khan Bandar, Turghundai and Akina serve as gateway to Central Asian Republics for Pakistan
  • Pakistani ports of Karachi, Bin Qasim and Gawadar provides shortest and cost effective access to Afghanistan transit trade and trade of CARs with rest of the world
  • Wagha, Lahore and Sust, Gilgit Baltistan cater to Afghan exports to India and transit trade with China via land routes respectively
  • Torkham, Chaman and Ghulam Khan serve as major border crossing points for Pak-Afghan transit trade

Pak-Afghan Transit Traffic

YearsAssessed Value in MillionTEU



Prospects & Way forward

  • Important bilateral trade and economic engagements platforms are APTTCA, APPAPS, Pak-Afghan Parliamentary Friendship Group (PFG), JEC and PAJCCI
  • APTTA 2010 has been extended till 11 May 2022.
  • Technical Committees are engaged to negotiate the Revision of APTTA.
  • To uplift the economic and social wellbeing of the people living on both sides of Pak-Afghan border, curtail smuggling and promote local investment, Pakistan has proposed to setup 12 Joint Border Sustenance Markets (JBSMs) on Pak-Afghan border; two JBSMs, at Shaheedano Dand and Arandu, to be operationalized as pilot project.
  • Pakistan and Afghanistan are negotiating a bilateral Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA)
  • Pakistan has offered to enter into a bilateral MoU on both investment and trade dispute resolution to Afghanistan
  • Pakistan has started issuing up to 5 years multiple entries business/investment visa to Afghan traders, businessmen and investors upon completion of the required formalities.
  • TAD based free movement of trucks has been agreed w.e.f. 21-03-2022.
  • Proposal of Barter Trade agreement is under consideration.

Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF) 2020-25

Ministry of Commerce has prepared the Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF) 2020-25 that aims to enhance export competitiveness of Pakistan through a framework of interventions having an impact across the value chains.

Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF) 2020-25



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